Photoblog for Tim Fritz


Skimmer chick

Skimmer chick, and an adult in the background.
skimmer chick

Breakfast is ready

Skimmer with a fish… “now where did I leave that chick?”
skimmer with fish

Dance like a bird

Dance like a bird. Just follow the footprints.
bird footprints


Juvenile skimmer skimming. I guess it’s a skill they’re born with. I didn’t see a bunch youngsters lined up watching the old pros and taking notes or anything like that.
juvenile black skimmer

Sandpiper at sunset

Getting in some food before the light is all gone.

Sunset bird

Caught this one bird in flight with the pretty sky behind it at sunset time last week. Pushed the sliders around a bunch in Camera Raw to really boost the clouds.
bird at sunset


father and daughter watching sunset

Boy with fish

He caught it with a cast net on St. Pete Beach one day last week. I just happened by with my GoPro.
boy with fish


Yum yum!

Bird in alley

All bird, no bush.