Photoblog for Tim Fritz


Ringling Museum

Took a trip with a bunch of photo friends to the Ringling Museum to see the Alfred Eisenstaedt photo exhibit. Worth the trip and Mondays the museum is free!

Snack Bar, Treasure Island, Florida


Worldwide Photowalk, St. Petersburg, Florida

My photos from the Worldwide Photowalk in St. Pete.













North Church – Portsmouth

The North Church in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
North Church Portsmouth NH

A real fixer-upper

Stopped somewhere along US90 in west Texas to shoot this abandoned building. It’s seen better days.
abandoned building


University of Tampa seen from the Tampa Museum of Art.
University of Tampa

Tampa at night

Processed with Topaz Re-Style.
Downtown Tampa, Florida

Stained Glass

Stained glass window in the old stone church in Brattleboro, Vermont. Got lucky when we stopped outside, there were a couple guys setting up lights for a concert that night. I asked if we could come in and they said yes. This is a vertical pano from 3 handheld shots.
stained glass window in old stone church, Brattleboro, VT

Factory at night

In Brattleboro, Vermont.
Factory at night, Brattleboro, VT

Rusty Door

Rusty door at Fort Stark.
rusty door


Shots from a sunset shoot in Tampa a few weeks ago.




Cubicle life

Makes me feel blue.

Snell Arcade and BB&T

Snell Arcade, Saint Petersburg, Florida

Front to front

Cropped and processed from a series of shots I was bracketing to do an HDR of the building.
Building in Bradenton, Florida

Looking up


Ringling Museum

Exterior at Ringling Museum

Exterior at Ringling Museum

Pick one

This fence seemed like a good opportunity to play around with shallow DOF.
Forsyth Park, Savannah, GA.


Shot from in front of The Cube on my way to the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts.

Torte (152/365)

Pier Reflections (148/365)

Shot from the third floor of The Pier while doing my guard duty at the art show I’m in.

Go stand in the corner (132/365)

Took this last night on the third floor of the pier. I was there for an art show opening. I’ve got three photos in the show.

Building at sunset (115/365)

Something I saw on the way home after dinner. I liked the way the low sun made it look.

Joints (76/365)

Finished up business with the brother-in-laws loose ends for the day and found some time to go by the Walter Jones Historic Park for a short walk. Found the park last year when we were in Jacksonville for a visit. Nice little park by the St. Johns River.

Inside The Cube (71/365)

First floor of the Cube looking out at Rivergate Tower (Sykes building). The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts is on the 2nd and 3rd floors.
Rivergate Cube Tampa Florida