Photoblog for Tim Fritz




Lunch was the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

Harpoon Harry’s

After a great breakfast I was shooting this on my iPhone with ProHDR and while the app was doing its thing this guy walked in to the frame. Happy accident. I love it.

Dave with Hemingway

Dave had the idea for the photo. HDR + B&W on the background.

Key West Wall

Cuba is over there somewhere.

Tropic Cinema

In Key West, Florida. Vacation! Fun!

Shooting and Driving

Treasure Island, Florida

Sunset time.

Double Exposure


82 years old in a few days.


Talk to the shell

Even snails don’t like to have their picture taken.

Two boys fishing


Tables and Chairs

Classy Clown

At Surfers for Autism. Treasure Island, Florida. 7-July-2012.

Used Beach for Sale

I’m calling for open season on litterbugs.



Happy 4th of July! Shot this with a cable release and moved my hat on and off the front of the lens to capture several bursts.

Palm Tree Sunrise


Tagua Carved Ocelot

Nobody in the pool at night

They’re all inside partying!