Photoblog for Tim Fritz


Beach stuff

Took a trip to Daytona Beach and St. Augustine. Here’s a few shots from Daytona Beach.

Palm Monday

Palm Monday? Sure. Why not.



One of my wife’s orchids flowered. Lit from behind with a flashlight last night.




Do these sting? I don’t know. I took a photo and went to the bar.



Mini wave

Playing around with my GoPro in the Gulf of Mexico last week.

Cinemagraph of a sunset timelapse I made on St. Pete Beach this week.

Hiding under a rock

Where is Putin?

Clinging to life

Hang in there little plant!

Chilly Morning

Near Alpine, Texas.

Spiky and frosty, part 2

frost ocotillo

Another shot of frost from one morning in Alpine, Texas.
frost ocotillo

Frosty Yucca

Frost on yucca. Alpine, Texas.

Had some cool weather while on our trip to Texas. Shot this at the hotel in Alpine before hitting the road one morning.
Frost on yucca. Alpine, Texas.

Mother Nature’s roots are showing

Mangroves at Fort Desoto…. here there be no-see-ums!
Mangroves Fort Desoto Park

The one that got away

Wait! Come back! Oh well, I still like it. Nice clouds and sky that morning.
bird and sunrise

Some came to fish, some came for the solar eclipse

The partial solar eclipse last night as seen from Pass-a-Grille.
Solar Eclipse St. Pete Beach Florida

Spider web color

Caught the sunlight hitting this spider web and some of the water below the boardwalk at Sawgrass Lake park last weekend.

Night blooming cactus

Our cereus had 10 blossoms the other night! This is just two of them. Pretty cool.
cereus night blooming cactus


A couple of lightning shots from last night.


A flower from summer

A flower from summer to warm you up.
cosmos flower

Red Leaf

Red leaf on a rock.
red leaf


On top of Mount Washington, NH.
Mount Washington, NH

Waiting for the sun

A couple checks the horizon a little before the sunrises over Tampa Bay in St. Petersburg, Florida.
watching the sunrise. St Petersburg, Fla

Flower Petals

Sunflower details.
Sunflower details

Fuzzy baby sunflowers in the nest

Macro of a sunflower. Bought some seeds to grow some sunflowers. Planned on shooting them in the sun outside but I think the weird weather or maybe planting them late made them grow funny. The flower got big fast and flopped over so this was shot inside with a flash.
Sunflower macro


Some phlox with some Topaz filters.
Phlox flowers processed with Topaz filters