Photoblog for Tim Fritz

Still Life

Kitchen Abstract


Classic bicycle

It’s a little rusty. Needs a bit of a touch-up.
rusty bicycle

Fresh Apples

Couple of shots from Massachusetts where the apples were just getting picked. Our friend Beth took us took Clarkdale Farms ( and the guy on the tractor was just driving. Fresh and tasty apples!
Man on tractor with apples
fresh apples

Safety First

Those are some dirty safety glasses. Saw them sitting on this windowsill in the old YMCA building downtown. Later found out that someone I know put them there.
Dirty safety glasses

Seeing Red

Sunlight hitting some red chairs

Step up to the mic

Sing us a song, you’re the Piano Man… Took this before the dueling pianos show started at Ruby’s Elixir last weeked. John Sackett, a friend from high school, was playing and singing along with another guy. They were really good!

Piano and microphone

Piano and microphone

Slapping the bass

Chrome Dream (151/365)

Bike Night at The Pier downtown. Fun!

Staying Alive (142/365)

Driving home at night a few weeks ago I spotted this disco ball discarded at the side of the road. I asked my wife if she saw it too as I wasn’t sure of what I saw. She had missed it so I doubled back and found it. She jumped out and grabbed. I knew I’d use it in a photo some day. Hearing about Donna Summer and now Robin Gibb gave me this idea.

Expired (75/365)

Found some expired passports of my brother-in-laws while cleaning out his house with my wife. Composed the shot with the passports and some Panama Canal matches on a mola seeing as he was born and raised in the Canal Zone like my wife and their sister.

Curved and pointed (53/365)

Waiting for dinner to arrive. Steak was good. Restaurant was loud though. But I dig the stainless steel tables.
fork and shadow

Pinecone (9/365)

Cone from an Australian pine. Small and awful to walk on barefoot. Picked it up and brought it home last time I was at Fort Desoto as I thought it was make a cool macro shot.
Australian Pine Pinecone

Hand or a hand out? 4/365

Thanks Chuck and Pat for the hand! It’s Chuck’s model hand and Pat held a reflector for me. Lensbaby Composer with macro filter.

Dudley Farm Historic State Park

Stopped at Dudley Farm Historic State Park in Newberry, Florida on a recent road trip. Cool old family farm with preserved buildings on the original site.

Time to get fired up

Was at Craftsman House Gallery last week and they were about to close the lid on kiln to fire some clay creations. Click photo to view larger.

365/365 – Stick a fork in it, I’m done

Had the stick a fork in it idea in my head for a few days. Got the cake idea from a friend and went with a cupcake. Prop cupcake from Publix, custom decorated. $0.84. Sweet! Publix bakery rules. My wife helped with the silver fork. Light from window light and a large white reflector.

359/365 – Christmas in Florida

Woody and Frosty hanging at the beach by the tree.