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Gull doing the hokey pokey


The bird is the word


Killdeer at the salvage yard

See the three eggs? One from 2010, I put this on flickr years ago and thought of it on Wednesday when I went to see Joel Sartore speak in Tampa. He had a photo of a Tern which also nests on the ground and lays eggs that blend in with the ground. This killdeer was at the Starkey Road Auto Parts. I saw the adult and it was faking an injury to lure me from the nest. Sticking one wing out and acting like it could not fly. The guys that worked there had marked the nest with a propane tank and some scrap so they wouldn’t run it over while they were moving stuff around with a forklift.
killdeer at the salvage yard

Three Ibis

Ibises? Ibi? uhh… 3 birds.
ibis in flight

Hawk flight

There’s a few hawks living in the trees around my office in Oldsmar. Pretty cool seeing them every day. Shot this one taking off.
hawk in flight

Hello, Goat

Goat at a petting zoo in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Goat missile

He was coming right at me!


dairy cow

Egret Dance

Reddish Egrets don’t just stand there waiting for the food to come to them. They’re fun to watch like this guy yesterday morning in Tampa Bay by North Shore Park in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Reddish Egret hunting for food

Cormorant drying his wings

Cormorant drying his wings at Circle B Bar Reserve. Processed with Photoshop and Topaz Adjust 5.

Cormorant at Circle B Bar Reserve

Cormorant drying his wings at Circle B Bar Reserve

Baby bird

Fledgling in a parking lot at work a few weeks ago. It might be a warbler. There were a couple fo other ones nearby and the adults too.

Baby bird

Baby bird

Grackles and a buzzard

I think the grackles are talking about the buzzard.
Grackles and a buzzard

Owl in nest

Might have been borrowing the hole from a woodpecker. The next day there was a woodpecker in this hole and I haven’t seen the owl since.

Screech Owl

Screech Owl


Injured hawk someone had rescued from the middle of the road downtown. They had him wrapped in a jacket and were waiting for a guy from the seabird sanctuary to come get him.

Horse in motion

Heading out for a washing.

Horse in motion

Horse in motion

Emo horse

I think this horse has feelings… or maybe it’s just the hair.

Emo horse

Emo horse

Horse and rider

At the Florida State Fair.

Horse and rider at the Florida State Fair

Horse and rider at the Florida State Fair


Bank left (104/365)

Gull coming in for a landing.

Lizard in the spotlight (85/365)

He found a nice warm spot…. or maybe I light him up with a hand mirror. 🙂

Frog (70/365)

Spotted him hanging out in the yard so I grabbed my macro lens for a close-up.


Thought it would be cool to blow it out.


In Cedar Key at the big pier. He was watching the people fishing so I was able to get real close.