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Fort Desoto Beach Christmas Tree

Someone decorated a tree at Fort Desoto. Merry Christmas!

Beach stuff

Took a trip to Daytona Beach and St. Augustine. Here’s a few shots from Daytona Beach.

Daytona Beach

Waiting for sunrise in Daytona Beach.


Do these sting? I don’t know. I took a photo and went to the bar.



Mini wave

Playing around with my GoPro in the Gulf of Mexico last week.

Fire after sunset

Shot in August at the Guy Harvey Outpost. St. Pete Beach, Florida.


They look pretty hip!

Pipers piping


Skimmer chick

Skimmer chick, and an adult in the background.
skimmer chick

Dance like a bird

Dance like a bird. Just follow the footprints.
bird footprints


Juvenile skimmer skimming. I guess it’s a skill they’re born with. I didn’t see a bunch youngsters lined up watching the old pros and taking notes or anything like that.
juvenile black skimmer

Sandpiper at sunset

Getting in some food before the light is all gone.


father and daughter watching sunset

Boy with fish

He caught it with a cast net on St. Pete Beach one day last week. I just happened by with my GoPro.
boy with fish

Textured sunset

Playing around in Photoshop.

Beach open

The water is fine!
Beach open sign in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Fruity Oaty Sunset

It’s a little like a fruity oaty bar. Processed with Topaz filters.
sea oats and sunset on Madeira Beach

Sea Oats Sunset

Monday after the wicked waterspout in Oldsmar. I went to Madeira Beach hoping there would be a nice sunset and shot this.

Sea Oats at Madeira Beach, Florida

Sea Oats at Madeira Beach

Palm tree sunset

After that wicked waterspout yesterday I thought the sunset at the beach might be real nice so I headed to Madeira Beach with my camera and shot this.
Palm tree at sunset on Madeira Beach, Florida



Leafless tree

Looking all twiggy and stuff.

Memories being made

St. Pete Beach yesterday morning. Shot with GoPro HD.

The cloud that ate the sunset

Solstice sunset. The sun popped out for a minute or two.

Change in the weather (112/365)

Had some nice rainy weather today. Shot this with Hipstamatic and jumped in the car to avoid a soaking.