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Bird Feeder visitors

Group of parrots stopped by the bird feeder this morning!

Cranes and a Heron

Cranes working on the new pier and a Great Blue Heron.

Red-bellied Woodpecker

New visitor to the bird feeder today. Pretty cool!

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Three faces of egrets

Let’s see,.. I’m going with pensive, angry and annoyed.

Egret at Fort Desoto pier

Egret at Fort Desoto pier



Whistling Ducks

Whistling Ducks at Circle B Bar Reserve. They’re pretty cool, I’ve seen them there a bunch of times but never anywhere else.

whistling duck at Circle B Bar Reserve

whistling duck at Circle B Bar Reserve

The one that got away

Wait! Come back! Oh well, I still like it. Nice clouds and sky that morning.
bird and sunrise

Gulls in the fog

Shot in Oldsmar on one of those foggy mornings we had a couple weeks ago.
Gulls in the fog


They look pretty hip!

Pipers piping


Skimmer chick

Skimmer chick, and an adult in the background.
skimmer chick

Breakfast is ready

Skimmer with a fish… “now where did I leave that chick?”
skimmer with fish

Dance like a bird

Dance like a bird. Just follow the footprints.
bird footprints


Juvenile skimmer skimming. I guess it’s a skill they’re born with. I didn’t see a bunch youngsters lined up watching the old pros and taking notes or anything like that.
juvenile black skimmer

Sandpiper at sunset

Getting in some food before the light is all gone.

Sunset bird

Caught this one bird in flight with the pretty sky behind it at sunset time last week. Pushed the sliders around a bunch in Camera Raw to really boost the clouds.
bird at sunset

Bird in alley

All bird, no bush.

Sunday Skimmers

Skimmers at Fort Desoto. They were feeding by the bay pier.

You don’t bring me flowers anymore

two birds indifferent

Gull doing the hokey pokey


Birds at sunrise

My sunrise shot got photobombed by a bunch of birds.
birds at sunrise

The bird is the word


Sandhill Cranes at Circle B Bar Reserve

Always worth the drive to the CBB. Former ranch turned nature preserve near Lakeland.
Sandhill Cranes

Killdeer at the salvage yard

See the three eggs? One from 2010, I put this on flickr years ago and thought of it on Wednesday when I went to see Joel Sartore speak in Tampa. He had a photo of a Tern which also nests on the ground and lays eggs that blend in with the ground. This killdeer was at the Starkey Road Auto Parts. I saw the adult and it was faking an injury to lure me from the nest. Sticking one wing out and acting like it could not fly. The guys that worked there had marked the nest with a propane tank and some scrap so they wouldn’t run it over while they were moving stuff around with a forklift.
killdeer at the salvage yard

Three Ibis

Ibises? Ibi? uhh… 3 birds.
ibis in flight