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Hawk flight

There’s a few hawks living in the trees around my office in Oldsmar. Pretty cool seeing them every day. Shot this one taking off.
hawk in flight

Egret Dance

Reddish Egrets don’t just stand there waiting for the food to come to them. They’re fun to watch like this guy yesterday morning in Tampa Bay by North Shore Park in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Reddish Egret hunting for food

Cormorant drying his wings

Cormorant drying his wings at Circle B Bar Reserve. Processed with Photoshop and Topaz Adjust 5.

Cormorant at Circle B Bar Reserve

Cormorant drying his wings at Circle B Bar Reserve

Gazebo by the bay

Gazebo at Bay Vista Park. Saint Petersburg, Florida.
Gazebo at Bay Vista Park

Tern looking for breakfast

Tern in flight at sunrise looking for fish

Heron with a ray

Heron got him some breakfast!
Heron with a ray

Baby bird

Fledgling in a parking lot at work a few weeks ago. It might be a warbler. There were a couple fo other ones nearby and the adults too.

Baby bird

Baby bird

Grackles and a buzzard

I think the grackles are talking about the buzzard.
Grackles and a buzzard

Beach walk at sunset

We went to Sunset Beach last night hoping to see some birds and a nice sunset. We were not disappointed.

Owl in nest

Might have been borrowing the hole from a woodpecker. The next day there was a woodpecker in this hole and I haven’t seen the owl since.

Screech Owl

Screech Owl

Baby birds

In a tree at my office.

Baby duck



Injured hawk someone had rescued from the middle of the road downtown. They had him wrapped in a jacket and were waiting for a guy from the seabird sanctuary to come get him.

Duck Family (146/365)

Third Floor Bird (134/365)

Wandered around on the third floor at the pier today while I was waiting for people to show up to see the art show. Saw this pigeon land on the ledge outside the window and shot this.

Pelican Pete (117/365)

Pelican at The Pier downtown.

Related to a dinosaur (111/365)

Looks a little like one.

Goose Nap (106/365)

Goose at Crescent Lake Park. After lunch they take a nap it seems. Good plan.

Bank left (104/365)

Gull coming in for a landing.

Run for cover! (88/365)

Gull and steeple (64/365)

Lucky timing on my part.

Three Ducks (5/365)

Three ducks watching the sunset, hanging out by the pond.Ducks

Dudley Farm Historic State Park

Stopped at Dudley Farm Historic State Park in Newberry, Florida on a recent road trip. Cool old family farm with preserved buildings on the original site.


Thought it would be cool to blow it out.