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Big Bend Sky

Nice clouds at Big Bend National Park.
Big Bend National Park. Texas

Circle B Bar Reserve

Had a nice walk at Circle B Bar Reserve on Friday. Saw an eagle, a great blue heron nesting pair and a couple of woodpeckers and a belted kingfisher… and the sunrise too.
Circle B Bar Reserve


University of Tampa seen from the Tampa Museum of Art.
University of Tampa

The Reader

Waiting to shoot birds and stuff and this guy came along and sat down to read. Had to shoot it.
Man reading a book

Black and white sky

Circle B Bar Reserve
Black and white sky at Circle B Bar Reserve

Graham Cavalier

Shot at Billetproof car show in Ocala, Florida.

Graham Cavalier

Graham Cavalier

Ford Grill

At Billetproof car show. Ocala, FL.

Ford Grill

Ford Grill

Time Machines

Cars entering the Billetproof car show in Ocala, Florida this past Saturday. Everything has to be driven in and 1964 and older.

Cars enter the Billetproof car show

Cars enter the Billetproof car show

Leafless tree

Looking all twiggy and stuff.

The steeple and the clouds

The sky was really cool that day.

Mystery of the Night


Where photography is a pleasure.


Third Floor Bird (134/365)

Wandered around on the third floor at the pier today while I was waiting for people to show up to see the art show. Saw this pigeon land on the ledge outside the window and shot this.

Raining in Tampa (81/365)

Got rained on last night walking back to the car after an event at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts. Made for some nice photos though so it was OK.

Down at the bone orchard (39/365)

There was some nice clouds.
cemetery ozymandias

Tree at night (38/365)

i wanted a shot of the clouds partially covering the moon and framed by the trees but by the time I got home to my camera the cloud cover was complete. Oh well.