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Lake Chautauqua pano

Saw this cool sunset and clouds happening a few weeks ago on my way home from work and stopped at Lake Chautauqua park to shoot this panorama.

Lake Chautauqua, Clearwater, FL

Lake Chautauqua, Clearwater, FL

Sunrise hitting the trees

Shot this a few months ago at Lake Chautauqua Park on my way to work in the morning.
Sunrise light on trees at Lake Chautauqua Park. Clearwater, Florida.

Driving to work, etc.

I’ve been busy and not uploading photos lately. Here’s a few and shot but didn’t get around to uploading…


82 years old in a few days.

Baby Great Horned Owls (54/365)

I heard there were babies out in view at the park where I saw the owls earlier this year so I stopped by on the way to work this morning. There they were hanging out waiting for breakfast or something.

Sunset View (28/365)

Foggy Morning (24/365)

Same lake. No super cool sunrise today. No Sandhill Cranes trumpeting either. Got some nice fog though.
Foggy morning sunrise lake Chautauqua

Lake Chautauqua sunrise (23/365)

Stopped by this lake when the sky was excellent this morning. Saw some Sandhill Cranes too. No photo of that though. Two exposures blended in CS5.
Lake Chautauqua Clearwater Florida sunrise

Memorial (13/365)

Part of the memorial at Kapok Park left by friends of a young man, Logan Kushner, that drowned there a few days ago. I didn’t go there to shoot this but there it was.…
Logan Kushner Memorial