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Track Talk


Starting Line

Go!!! At the Billet Proof drag in Lakeland, Florida.



Caffeine Powered



Saw MarchFourth! play at the State Theatre in St. Petersburg the other night. Great show!!

MarchFourth band at the State Theater. Saint Petersburg, Fla

MarchFourth band at the State Theater. Saint Petersburg, Fla


Do these sting? I don’t know. I took a photo and went to the bar.



Mini wave

Playing around with my GoPro in the Gulf of Mexico last week.

They don’t make them like that anymore

Hood ornament on a Packard at the 2015 Devereaux-Kaiser car show in Bradenton, Florida.
Packard  hood ornament


Corvette I shot at the 2015 Devereaux-Kaiser car show in Bradenton a couple weeks ago.

Three faces of egrets

Let’s see,.. I’m going with pensive, angry and annoyed.

Egret at Fort Desoto pier

Egret at Fort Desoto pier



Mother Nature’s roots are showing

Mangroves at Fort Desoto…. here there be no-see-ums!
Mangroves Fort Desoto Park

Sunrise Dream

Circle B Bar Reserve

Whistling Ducks

Whistling Ducks at Circle B Bar Reserve. They’re pretty cool, I’ve seen them there a bunch of times but never anywhere else.

whistling duck at Circle B Bar Reserve

whistling duck at Circle B Bar Reserve

Dos Gators

Two young alligators at Sawgrass Lake Park. No cigarette butts this time.

Circle B Bar Reserve

Had a nice walk at Circle B Bar Reserve on Friday. Saw an eagle, a great blue heron nesting pair and a couple of woodpeckers and a belted kingfisher… and the sunrise too.
Circle B Bar Reserve

Smoking gator

Cigarette smokers are the worst litter bugs. Gator had been munching on that butt, thought it was something to eat.
alligator cigarrette

Sunny Sunday

Shot last Sunday at Sawgrass Lake Park in St. Pete. Stopped down to f/16 to get the starburst of the sun.
sun starburst

The one that got away

Wait! Come back! Oh well, I still like it. Nice clouds and sky that morning.
bird and sunrise

Sunrise last Saturday

Got up early for a photo meetup on Saturday to shoot the sunrise at North Shore Park in St. Petersburg.
Good time with friends and there was a couple there we didn’t know. They guy asked his girlfriend to marry him at sunrise.
Sunrise over Tampa Bay


Our Chihuahua, Buffy. Getting in her face to try out a new lens.

Trashy sunrise


Pier in to the past

Another foggy morning shot from last year. Just getting around to posting the last few shots from 2014.
fishing pier in the fog

Gulls in the fog

Shot in Oldsmar on one of those foggy mornings we had a couple weeks ago.
Gulls in the fog

Sitar Man

Who’s gonna steal the show, you know, baby it’s the Sitar Man
The sitar player with Wahh World Fusion Band.
sitar player