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Harpoon Harry’s

After a great breakfast I was shooting this on my iPhone with ProHDR and while the app was doing its thing this guy walked in to the frame. Happy accident. I love it.

Looks like we’re in for a blow

Fisheyed view (154/365)

Shot during the slack time while I was doing guard duty at the art show today. HDR and Lensbaby with the fisheye optic.

Chrome Dream (151/365)

Bike Night at The Pier downtown. Fun!

Sunset over the lake (138/365)

Driving home saw the sky staring to look good. Stopped by the local lake and shot this. HDR processed with Photomatix and finished with CS5 and Topaz Adjust.

Sunset at the lake (130/365)

Three shots from my G12, it brackets. Processed with Photomatix and Topaz Adjust.

Rocks (129/365)

Sunset Beach by Blind Pass. HDR with Topaz Adjust.

Gulfport (119/365)

A quiet Saturday morning.

The Old Part of Town (57/365)

Big old tree by the Indian Mound in Pinellas Point. HDR processed with Photomatix and finished with CS5 and Nik Color Efex Pro.
big tree Saint Petersburg Florida

Train (49/365)

The Amtrak traveling train exhibit was in Tampa today so we went to check it out.
amtrak history train

Haunted (33/365)

Don Vincente De Ybor Historic Inn. Might be haunted. If you believe that kind of stuff. HDR finished in CS5 with Topaz B&W Effects.
Don Vincente De Ybor Historic Inn

Tampa, Minarets at night (17/365)

View of University of Tampa from across the river.
University of Tampa

Sunset at Fort Desoto

Lensbaby + HDR meets sunset.

Rush Hour (10/365)

Yankeetown, Florida

Somewhere a bit west of Yankeetown, Fla. actually. Along the road to where the Withlacoochee River meet the Gulf of Mexico. Lots of cool, mostly barren coastal marsh around. Pretty.

Cannon (1/365)

One of the mortars at Fort Desoto park. HDR processed with Photomatix and finished in CS5 with Topaz Adjust.
Cannon at Fort Desoto

Orange Blossom Motel

On US 301. Spotted this sign about a year ago and noted the location. Finally made a point to go back and shoot it on a recent road trip.

F16 at Freedom Lake Park

Old Tree

At Circle B Bar Reserve. HDR processed with Photomatix and CS5 with Topaz Adjust 5.

Pelican and cloud

Same night as the lightning photo but about an hour earlier. I was spotted this pelican sitting on a pylon. Got down on the ground so I could get the cool clouds as a background.

Redington Pier

Ye Olde HDR of Ye Olde fishing pier on Redington Beach, Florida.

Under the Pier

Under the fishing pier on Redington Beach.

Billetproof car show

Took a drive to Gainesville yesterday to go to the Billetproof car show. Lots of cool cars. No trailer queens as they say. You have to drive it in. Last year the show was in February and it was cool and rained. Not this time, full sun and hot. There was a ladies roller derby demo going on in the building and I also stopped on the way home to shoot an old gas station… and eat some BBQ. No food photos though 🙂 Click on photo to view the gallery.

Lensbaby plus HDR

Shot this yesterday at Sunken Gardens with my Lensbaby with the +4 macro filter. HDR from three frames processed with Photomatix and CS5.