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Mystery of the Night


Cindy and Mikes Maine Coon.


Where photography is a pleasure.


Red frangipani, upside down on a black table.

Yellow Snow (125/365)

A Rogue Yellow Snow IPA. Unlike the the yellow snow in the song this one is safe. Even if they put it in a Ballast Point glass.

Sparkly (116/365)

Looking up at a chandelier at the Vietnamese place I went to for lunch.

Lost and Found (102/365)

Spotted the glasses on a stack of lounge chairs for rent while at the beach waiting for sunset and for the fly over of the International Space Station that was to follow. Shot and processed with Hipstamatic.

Bread (72/365)

Hipstamatic shot at dinner out. All I had time to shoot today.

SSDD (59/365)

Hipstamatic shot of the construction barricades that are still there from yesterday.

Triple tall cappuccino

Shot while waiting at Starbucks this morning. Took it with the Hipstamatic app and cropped and added vignette with Camera+.

346/365 – dogwalker

Went to a cool Christmas party then took Buffy for a walk. It’s too cold for her so she got to ride home. Shot with Hipstamatic app on the iPhone.