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Car Show + Lensbaby

Limited myself to just the Lensbaby last Sunday at the classic car show downtown. Fun lens.






Water Droplets

Water droplets on a car at the Billetproof car show. Show with Lensbaby.

water droplets

water droplets

Red Rock Cola truck


Hood Ornament

Hood ornament on a car at Billetproof car show. Shot with a Lensbaby Composer.

Antennae Stripper

Fake lady with fake dimensions on a car at Billetproof car show last weekend. Shot with a Lensbaby Composer.

Antennae stripper

Antennae stripper

Fisheyed view (154/365)

Shot during the slack time while I was doing guard duty at the art show today. HDR and Lensbaby with the fisheye optic.

What are you looking at? (113/365)

Cat on the floor shot with Lensbaby Composer with fisheye optic.

untitled (87/365)

Fisheye flowers (80/365)

Say hello to my little friend (79/365)

Testing out my new Lensbaby fisheye when my wife grabbed a lizard out in the yard… like ya’ do.

Turtle (73/365)

Lensbaby with macro filter. It sure is hard to get it in focus.

The Thing (67/365)

Buffy (48/365)

Shot with Lensbaby with the macro filter.

Crosswalk up the buildings (29/365)

Double exposure done in camera and with my Lensbaby Composer. One shot of the brick crosswalk and the other of the Snell Arcade reflected in the BB&T (Bacon Bacon & Tomato) building.
Crosswalk Snell Arcade BBT double exposure

Sunset at Fort Desoto

Lensbaby + HDR meets sunset.

Hand or a hand out? 4/365

Thanks Chuck and Pat for the hand! It’s Chuck’s model hand and Pat held a reflector for me. Lensbaby Composer with macro filter.

Lensbaby plus HDR

Shot this yesterday at Sunken Gardens with my Lensbaby with the +4 macro filter. HDR from three frames processed with Photomatix and CS5.


Shot at Sunken Gardens, St. Petersburg, Florida today with a Lensbaby with the macro filter. I should have taken a photo of the sign saying what kind of flower it is so I could tell you! 🙂