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Little green frog

Sitting on the windowsill last night when I was taking the dog out before bed. Light with a flashlight, cupped my hands around the beam to let a little out.
green frog

New bicycle collage

After having fun riding my new Trek I had some fun taking some shots of it with my macro lens. Put them together with the Fotor app.


Flower Petals

Sunflower details.
Sunflower details



Fuzzy baby sunflowers in the nest

Macro of a sunflower. Bought some seeds to grow some sunflowers. Planned on shooting them in the sun outside but I think the weird weather or maybe planting them late made them grow funny. The flower got big fast and flopped over so this was shot inside with a flash.
Sunflower macro

Orchid (114/365)

Orchid shot with Lensbaby with macro adapter.

Close to nature (89/365)

Shot with Lensbaby with fisheye and macro converter.

Cutting edge technology (86/365)

Well it was cutting edge at some point. It’s an old CPU with a heatsink glued on it that I keep on my desk. Shot it on a table in the back yard facing the setting sun with my 105mm macro lens.

Turtle (73/365)

Lensbaby with macro filter. It sure is hard to get it in focus.

The Thing (67/365)

Buffy (48/365)

Shot with Lensbaby with the macro filter.


Shot at Sunken Gardens, St. Petersburg, Florida today with a Lensbaby with the macro filter. I should have taken a photo of the sign saying what kind of flower it is so I could tell you! 🙂