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The one that got away

Wait! Come back! Oh well, I still like it. Nice clouds and sky that morning.
bird and sunrise

Trashy sunrise


Pier in to the past

Another foggy morning shot from last year. Just getting around to posting the last few shots from 2014.
fishing pier in the fog

Gulls in the fog

Shot in Oldsmar on one of those foggy mornings we had a couple weeks ago.
Gulls in the fog

Sunrise panorama

Shot in Oldsmar a couple weeks ago using the built in panorama mode on my Fuji X-E2. No stitching, no post processing.
sunrise panorama

Hawk flight

There’s a few hawks living in the trees around my office in Oldsmar. Pretty cool seeing them every day. Shot this one taking off.
hawk in flight

Baby bird

Fledgling in a parking lot at work a few weeks ago. It might be a warbler. There were a couple fo other ones nearby and the adults too.

Baby bird

Baby bird

Baby birds

In a tree at my office.

One pill makes you larger

Sunrise in Oldsmar yesterday on the way to the office.

Over yonder

Tampa Bay Water Ski Show (91/365)

Went and checked out the Tampa Bay Water Ski Show Team with a meetup group this evening. Got a few shots and a lot to delete. Pretty fast moving action!

Rick Sammon slide show (37/365)

Was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend a presentation by Rick Sammon this evening. That’s Rick talking about a shot he took recently in Miami. Really nice guy and great photographer. Check him out at Rick Sammon

Gator rescue

A friend at work was outside and called me to say there was a truck with “Nuisance Alligator Trapper” on it in the parking lot. I ran out to my car and grabbed my camera. There’s a couple large gators in the big pond but they weren’t here for them. The lawn crew had spotted a small gator with something caught around its’ neck. It turned out to be a steel cable that was used to make a snare and it was tangled up in the weeds and cutting in to the gators neck. The cable was cutting in to the gators neck pretty wide and deep all the way around. They freed it and took it away. They said it wouldn’t live and they’d put it down but the lady emailed later and said she found a place that would take it and nurse it back to health. [Click photos to view larger]


Set the G12 to “scene mode: super vivid” and later in CS5 ran the Topaz Adjust Spicify filter on this.