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Tire whiskers

I lined this shot up while the Indy cars were lined up to go out for a practice session.


Spent a couple nights at the beach last weekend. Nice sunset Sunday night.

Behind the Spa

Last Wednesday on the way to work. Saw the cool sky and took a detour. Shot by the Safety Harbor Spa.

When the RNC comes to town

The fences go up.


Shot from in front of The Cube on my way to the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts.


Shot and processed on iPhone.

Driving to work, etc.

I’ve been busy and not uploading photos lately. Here’s a few and shot but didn’t get around to uploading…

Sunset by the pond

iPhone shot taken and processed with Camera+ app.

Mystery of the Night

Sky and water


Recent construction downtown on Central Avenue. Tearing down of an older building revealed advertising painted on the side of this building.

Bay Vista Park



Same spot different night.

Sunset at the pond

Shot and processed with Camera+ on iPhone then noise reduction with Topaz Denoise.


The walker and the shell hunter


Ahh it’s just a rain cloud. Shot with iPhone and processed with CS5.

Harpoon Harry’s

After a great breakfast I was shooting this on my iPhone with ProHDR and while the app was doing its thing this guy walked in to the frame. Happy accident. I love it.

Key West Wall

Cuba is over there somewhere.

Tropic Cinema

In Key West, Florida. Vacation! Fun!

Shooting and Driving

Treasure Island, Florida

Sunset time.

Double Exposure