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82 years old in a few days.


Talk to the shell

Even snails don’t like to have their picture taken.

Two boys fishing


Tables and Chairs

Classy Clown

At Surfers for Autism. Treasure Island, Florida. 7-July-2012.

Used Beach for Sale

I’m calling for open season on litterbugs.



Happy 4th of July! Shot this with a cable release and moved my hat on and off the front of the lens to capture several bursts.

Palm Tree Sunrise


Tagua Carved Ocelot

Nobody in the pool at night

They’re all inside partying!

Straw ball


Young lady that came out to model for the strobist group tonight.

One little cloud

Debby does Safety Harbor

Tampa Bay was washing up over the seawall this afternoon.


Cindy and Mikes Maine Coon.

Rainy Day People

Went out to looking for a shot for the day and almost got rained out. Missed some people walking with umbrellas but saw these folks coming and went around the block and waited for them.


While I had the strobe and umbrella out Buffy was watching so I shot her! Nice of her to go sit by the mola pillow.

The cloud that ate the sunset

Solstice sunset. The sun popped out for a minute or two.


Where photography is a pleasure.