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Sunset by the pond

iPhone shot taken and processed with Camera+ app.

Sky and water


Same spot different night.

Sunset at the pond

Shot and processed with Camera+ on iPhone then noise reduction with Topaz Denoise.


Ahh it’s just a rain cloud. Shot with iPhone and processed with CS5.

Treasure Island, Florida

Sunset time.

One little cloud

The cloud that ate the sunset

Solstice sunset. The sun popped out for a minute or two.


Sunset over the lake (138/365)

Driving home saw the sky staring to look good. Stopped by the local lake and shot this. HDR processed with Photomatix and finished with CS5 and Topaz Adjust.

Sunset at the lake (130/365)

Three shots from my G12, it brackets. Processed with Photomatix and Topaz Adjust.

Rocks (129/365)

Sunset Beach by Blind Pass. HDR with Topaz Adjust.

Pelican Pete (117/365)

Pelican at The Pier downtown.

St. Pete sunset from the pier (78/365)

Great place to watch the sunset.

Lemonade (74/365)

Lemonade. As in when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. My brother-in-law died so I shot this while driving with my wife to go help her deal with his stuff.

Down by the lake (30/365)

All the photo I had time to make today.

Downtown Sunset (20/365)

Rooftop shot. Not HDR but some Nik Color Efex Pro was involved.
sunset saint petersburg florida

Sunset at Fort Desoto

Lensbaby + HDR meets sunset.

As the Sun was going down

Shadows from a dock on some concrete pilings. Cedar Key, Florida.


Madeira Beach, Florida. Cool rays happened a little after the sun went down. Brought them out with Topaz Adjust.

Epic Sunset

Truly awesome. It started out as a dud too which made it all the better when this glorious sight happened.

Rush Hour

Birds heading to roost as daylight fades. Went to the beach last night and shot this with my DSLR while I was getting some shots for a time-lapse with my GoPro.

Skimboarding at Sunset

Treasure Island, Florida. Great place to skimboard or to take photos of people skimboarding.

Pelican and cloud

Same night as the lightning photo but about an hour earlier. I was spotted this pelican sitting on a pylon. Got down on the ground so I could get the cool clouds as a background.