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Egret Dance

Reddish Egrets don’t just stand there waiting for the food to come to them. They’re fun to watch like this guy yesterday morning in Tampa Bay by North Shore Park in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Reddish Egret hunting for food

Gazebo by the bay

Gazebo at Bay Vista Park. Saint Petersburg, Florida.
Gazebo at Bay Vista Park

Waiting for the sun

A couple checks the horizon a little before the sunrises over Tampa Bay in St. Petersburg, Florida.
watching the sunrise. St Petersburg, Fla

Privateer Lynx sailing in Tampa Bay on the way to dock in St. Petersburg, Florida


Lynx sailing past the Pier in St. Petersburg

Thanks to my friend Marshall to who took on his boat today to see the Lynx as it sailed in to dock in St. Petersburg. Great day to be on the water!

Palm Tree Sunrise

Debby does Safety Harbor

Tampa Bay was washing up over the seawall this afternoon.

Tampa Bay Water Ski Show (91/365)

Went and checked out the Tampa Bay Water Ski Show Team with a meetup group this evening. Got a few shots and a lot to delete. Pretty fast moving action!


After shooting some cool sunset light on the storm clouds I moved over to Demens Landing and got this shot last night. Had my camera rested on a handrail as I hadn’t planned on a needing my tripod. Got a little scary but it was pretty cool when the wind really picked up as the storm got closer. Click photo for a larger view.

Three towers

Another shot made on the way to work the other morning. Smoothed out the water with Topaz Adjust.

309/365 – Storm warning

Big change in the weather the last couple of days. It gave me the clouds I was hoping for. Shot this a little bit before sunrise. Three shots processed with Photomatix, CS5 with Nik Color Efex Pro on the pier and Topaz Adjust on the clouds.