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The Rio Grande

Big Bend National Park looking south to the Rio Grande and Mexico.

Rio Grande and Mexico

Rio Grande and Mexico

Textures at sunset

Low light bring out the mountain textures. Big Bend National Park.



Closer up on the bluebonnets in Big Bend National Park.

Bluebonnets in the Big Bend

Some early bluebonnets in February in Big Bend National Park.
bluebonnets, Big Bend National Park

No place to take a nap

Wake up Mister Chipmunk! That’s no place to take a nap!

Just point it at that mountain over there



Big Bend National Park

You can see Mexico from here! Looking towards Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park.
Big Bend National Park

Clouds and sky #3


Clouds and sky #2


Clouds and sky #1


Hiding under a rock

Where is Putin?

Big Bend Sky

Nice clouds at Big Bend National Park.
Big Bend National Park. Texas

Clinging to life

Hang in there little plant!

Sunset pano

The clouds were coming. They were going to put a stop to the star party but first they collaborated on this nice sunset.

McDonald Observatory

Went to the McDonald Observatory for the star party. The clouds did not cooperate so we got the indoor program instead. Took this before the show started as the sun was just going down.
McDonald Observatory

Chilly Morning

Near Alpine, Texas.

Spiky and frosty, part 2

frost ocotillo

Another shot of frost from one morning in Alpine, Texas.
frost ocotillo

Prada Marfa

The Prada Marfa, or what’s left of it. Was in the area and had to see it for myself. It’s been vandalized and no longer has the Prada name on the outside.
Prada Marfa on Wikipedia
Prada Marfa

Frosty Yucca

Frost on yucca. Alpine, Texas.

Had some cool weather while on our trip to Texas. Shot this at the hotel in Alpine before hitting the road one morning.
Frost on yucca. Alpine, Texas.

Big Bend National Park

Pano shot with my iPhone in Big Bend National Park.
Big Bend National Park

A real fixer-upper

Stopped somewhere along US90 in west Texas to shoot this abandoned building. It’s seen better days.
abandoned building

East of Alpine, TX

Stopped somewhere on the way to Alpine, Texas to shoot this last week. Had a nice trip to Texas. Lots of photos to go through.

West Texas landscape. Alpine, Texas

West Texas landscape. Alpine, Texas