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Ace of Bass

Shot this of Mike the bass player with Sarasota Slim at Tropical Heat Wave this year.
Bass Player

Sir Mixalot

Probably my favorite shot I got at Tropical Heatwave this year. The band playing was Suenalo.

Sarasota Slim

Playing at WMNF’s 32nd Annual Tropical Heatwave

Sarasota Slim

Sarasota Slim

Tropical Heatwave – Cracker

Really enjoyed them. Got to the stage early so I could get up front. I decided to travel light so I had my D300 with the 35mm f/2 only.

Tropical Heatwave – Those Darlins

Went to WMNF’s Tropical Heatwave last Saturday. Caught a bunch of great bands. Here’s a couple shots of Those Darlins while they were playing at Crow Bar