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Some clouds

Lots of rain and some wicked weather around here the last couple of weeks. Shot these last week.

Cloud panorama

Cloud panorama

Shooting and Driving


TS Debby rolls by

Shot this morning at Madeira Beach with my GoPro. Lots of rain and street flooding here today.

Cloud Panorama

Mmm thunder storm! Eight frames stitched in CS5.

Looks like we’re in for a blow

Change in the weather (112/365)

Had some nice rainy weather today. Shot this with Hipstamatic and jumped in the car to avoid a soaking.


After shooting some cool sunset light on the storm clouds I moved over to Demens Landing and got this shot last night. Had my camera rested on a handrail as I hadn’t planned on a needing my tripod. Got a little scary but it was pretty cool when the wind really picked up as the storm got closer. Click photo for a larger view.