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Ace of Bass

Shot this of Mike the bass player with Sarasota Slim at Tropical Heat Wave this year.
Bass Player

Sir Mixalot

Probably my favorite shot I got at Tropical Heatwave this year. The band playing was Suenalo.

Sarasota Slim

Playing at WMNF’s 32nd Annual Tropical Heatwave

Sarasota Slim

Sarasota Slim


I had originally titled this “Smoke Break”. I found out that the man in photo passed away yesterday and I have changed the title. I didn’t know him, I saw him there and liked the scene and asked him if I could make a photo. RIP Edgar Bounds.

Cigar Store Indians

Cigar store Indians in Ybor City.


Rock-n-Roll!!! (133/365)

Bright Light Social Hour at WMNFs Tropical Heatwave last night in Ybor City. Great band to see live! Excellent Heatwave this year!

Wet Paint Parkour (103/365)

Shot with the Strobist group in Ybor City last night and I spotted the stenciled foot prints going up an down the wall. Worked it out with the others in the group so it looked like our model was just making his getting away from the scene.

Haunted (33/365)

Don Vincente De Ybor Historic Inn. Might be haunted. If you believe that kind of stuff. HDR finished in CS5 with Topaz B&W Effects.
Don Vincente De Ybor Historic Inn

Zombie Art and Fashion Show

Got word from a friend that there was a zombie art show at Capricorn Studios in Ybor City last night. Went to see him and brought my camera and a strobe in case there was some cool shots to be had. I thought this lady looked pretty cool and asked if I could take her photo.